This site presents AFROBIB, a database which compiles bibliographical information about works by African American women authors that have been published in Spain. The database arises as a result of a doctoral research project that aims to investigate the translation and reception of African-American female literature in the country. In this context, our portal becomes a groundbreaking and necessary resource for this field of study, providing detailed information on all the works written by African American women published in Spain and translated into Spanish and other co-official languages.

The data displayed in AFROBIB have been obtained through exhaustive searches in the online catalog of the National Library of Spain, the ISBN database of books published in Spain, and the catalogs of different Spanish publishing houses. Taking that into consideration, one of the main advantages of our database is that there currently is no other electronic or print source in Spain that can provide all the information compiled in AFROBIB.


Search options

AFROBIB allows users to launch multi-criteria searches, according to information such as the title of the source text, the author, the year of publication or the language of translation. Results will be displayed in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name and the title of the source text.

Lastly, users also have the possibility to access all database entries without launching any specific search.

The use of AFROBIB is completely free and unlimited, although its citation would be appreciated whenever this tool has been useful for the researcher.


Any contribution or comment about the content of the database can be addressed to or using this contact form. All contributions to our site will be duly acknowledged.

Site maintenance

AFROBIB is revised and updated monthly. Last update: December 2022.